Video Production During COVID-19

Getting creative in a crisis

During this time of unprecedented disruption, the team at Studio B is wishing all our clients and partners health in life and business. Here, we’re practicing safe communications by scaling back our operations that involve in-person contact to minimize the risk to our team and clients. The good news is this does not require a halt to marketing and communications through video, rather a different approach to the medium.

Consider these alternative approaches to video and/or communications projects you may have in the works:

Animation & Motion Graphics

This style of storytelling, whether for marketing or comms, can be conducted entirely remotely. In fact, we are set up to leverage relationships with artists that don’t require any on-premise work.


Stock Driven Video

With the abundance of stock video available today, brands have the ability to tell their story without ever needing to shoot on location.

We helped TomTom Maps and Authentic ID do just that:

TomTom Maps
Authentic ID

Repurposing Existing Assets

You may have a number of existing design and video assets that can be repurposed for updated messaging.

We had the opportunity to help Stockwell put their product photography to work with this explainer video:

Training & Workplace Education​

Travel and large gatherings will likely be impacted for the foreseeable future, making video a good replacement for training and workplace education.

Virtual Meetings & Events

Virtualize your large meetings and events, bringing your audience together in a format that reduces face-to-face contact but still allows for your teams and colleagues to connect and interact.

Let us know what you need.

Whatever the goal, we are here to help you strategize the most effective and safest way to achieve success in your video endeavours during this time.