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It’s launch time

You’re ready to release your killer new product, software, or service to the world. You’ve poured hours of time and maybe even your blood, sweat, and tears into it. This is your baby and it’s time to watch it grow. It’s time to plan a powerful launch that will ensure it stands out from all the others.

Consider these statistics about the power of product videos:

According to Blue Corona, 80% of consumers believe demonstration videos are helpful when making decisions about purchasing

Adobe found that when consumers view demo videos, they are 1.81 times more likely to make a purchase

According to Google, almost 50% of online consumers look for videos related to a product or service they’re considering before visiting a store

But how do you do that, amid all of the noise out there?

That’s where we come in! Studio B Films breeds originality. We’ll help you craft your product’s story through a powerful new product video, ensuring it’s relevant to those who matter most.

Studio B can help you create the video that’s best for your business, from product introduction videos to product demo videos and everything in between—you name it, we’ve done it!

How Studio B Films Approaches Product Videos

Our job is to create a product video that highlights the unique characteristics of your product and makes those features and benefits shine. Everything from apps and cosmetics to sportswear and food—we know how to present it right.

There are lots of different styles and approaches to producing successful product videos. Our team at Studio B will work closely with you to come up with the right creative approach for your product or service.

We know how to make the best product videos

The key to making the best product videos is to make it about more than just the product. A great product video tells a good story demonstrating how your product provides a solution to a problem, highlights the customer experience, and shares the larger vision of your company.

In general, a remarkable product video will use a number of techniques that makes it stand out. It should include engaging dialogue or narration, be short enough to keep the viewers’attention but also effectively explain your product, and have some personality that your potential customers can relate to.

Best practices for producing product videos

Product videos give your potential customer the opportunity to experience your product and see it in action. A well made product video offers you the chance to stand out from your competition. Below we have outlined some best practices to ensure your product videos are successful.

  1. Collaborate with your sales team

Your sales team will undoubtedly have a lot of great ideas about what features and benefits your customers will respond to in a product video release. These insights will help your marketing department write a successful creative brief that will in turn guide your video production company.

  1. Choose the right product video type

Within the product video universe there are several subgenres, including product sizzle videos, product explainer videos, web commercials, FAQ videos and product demo videos.  Of course you can promote your product with multiple types of video, each appropriate for your customers at various stages of their buying journeys.

More Information

If you’re ready to create some stellar video content, Studio B is here to help! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a company overview video that makes your business stand out from the crowd!

If you’d like to get a quote for a video, click here.  

Case Study

With an ever-expanding offering, Salesforce prides itself on continuously adding value to its core products. With quarterly product releases, the challenge Studio B was facing was how to convey the product’s new features and updates to its users in a way that would drive adoption.

The question we had to answer was: How do we repeatedly engage an audience to ensure they’re aware of what’s available to them, and ultimately drive them to action?


We addressed the challenge by creating video content that showed the product, combined with customer testimonials. Our collaboration with Salesforce allowed the customer (read: audience) to play the star and interact directly with the company. In the videos, real users gave real feedback about the functionality, features, and benefits of the new product.

We shot on location at Salesforce, allowing us to drive budget efficiencies while creating compelling and engaging content!


Embedded within the product release microsite as a powerful feature in Salesforce’s video marketing and used as a sales tool, the video is one of the first things users see when learning about the new releases. This is the third of four product release videos that we’ve produced for Salesforce, with more on the way.

We feel that speaks for itself!