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Live Streaming During COVID-19

Whether you’re planning a small company wide training or a large scale multi-day conference, the recent situation with the coronavirus has altered the path for your 2020 event planning in an unprecedented way. For many of us, events are an important opportunity to communicate with customers and colleagues. Luckily, those connections don’t have to be lost entirely as a wave of live events transition into the online space.

Safe & Professional

Through live streaming, audiences can safely engage in virtual events from a remote location while maintaining the professionalism and branding of your event. Virtual events can reinvent how your audience experiences keynote speeches, breakout sessions, technical sessions, social networking, and press conferences while preserving the most successful aspects of a live event.

Understanding Your Video Needs

Video is one of the most important factors in building an engaging online experience for virtual event attendees. The type of virtual event you’re planning will greatly inform your video needs. Consider what needs to be webcast live to your audience and what could be pre-recorded, like breakout presentations or training sessions. Virtual events provide a unique opportunity to bring voices from across the country or globe to speak at or attend the event.

Why work with us for your next virtual event?

While simple online video conferencing tools may suffice for more small group networking, working with a professional video production crew will create a more polished, branded experience for events that aim to reach a wide and engaged audience. Multi-cam video, design, animation and pre-recorded content will take your virtual event to the next level. When social distancing restrictions are eased but large gatherings of people are still restricted, having a small and nimble professional video production crew to capture the video for your virtual event will provide both a safe and polished video experience for your remote audience. At Studio B, we offer high-quality virtual event video production while practicing safe social distancing measures during the entire process. We can also bring in key players from other locations by partnering with a network of video production companies to capture high-quality video for your virtual event.

What online platform is best?

There are many online event platforms to consider for your next virtual event. A simple landing page with an embedded live stream makes your content easily accessible for event attendees. Some event organizers might consider a more robust virtual conference platform that includes live audience interactivity like a Q&A or polling, mobile integration, Social media syndication, Audience Analytics, and archived recordings.

By partnering with virtual event planners, platform developers, and online platforms like Brandlive, Adobe Connect, Zoom, Webinar Jam and Workcast, Studio B offers video production, webcasting services, and online event platforms for virtual events.

What We Offer

Services Include
  • Multi-cam video production for live streams
  • Production for pre-recorded content
  • Branded motion graphics & animation design
  • Online platform support and design
  • Unlimited event attendees
  • Secure registration and login
  • Audience Interactivity – Q&As and polls
  • Post-production editing

Live Streaming During COVID-19

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