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Corporate training videos don’t have to be boring!

We’ve all been there—we start a new job and we’re required to watch (boring) training videos as part of our onboarding process. They’re necessary in order to provide new employees with all of the information they need to be successful.

But corporate training videos don’t have to be boring! There’s an art to creating company training and educational videos that both engage and educate.

Real people telling real stories: that’s peer to peer marketing at its best.

And it works! Consider the following statistics about the power of customer testimonial videos:

Forrester Research found that 75% of employees are more likely to watch a video than read text.

  • Video training is less expensive than hosting on-site trainings.
  • Video can be viewed anywhere at the convenience of the viewer.
  • Employees retain information better through a video format.
  • Training videos allow companies to train employees on demand and provide the same training across the business.

Corporate video trainings must simultaneously educate, engage, and entertain your audience.

Training videos and educational videos are crucial internal tools to push your team to being the best they can be—well-informed about the products and processes that allow them to learn and grow.

In the case of training videos geared toward customers, video allows you to provide quality training that ultimately improves customer service and experience. And that helps you save time and money by reducing the amount of manpower needed to address customer concerns over the phone or via email.

Video is a natural fit for training

When you’re ready to create training videos for your own business, it’s important to choose a corporate training video production company that is uniquely experienced in making training and educational videos and can bring your vision to life.

The best training video production companies will help you create a plan to make a training video that meets the needs of your customers or employees. When choosing a creative agency to produce your training video, here are some key questions to ask:

  1. Is your video production company mapping through a clear schedule, budget, and timeline with clearly defined milestones?
  2. Does the agency fully understand your training needs and how the video is intended to be used?
  3. Has the video production company produced educational and training videos before and are there examples you can see?
  4. Does the agency have experience with a wide range of training video approaches?
  5. Does their proposal match your vision?

At Studio B, our corporate training and educational video production is expansive. We’ve worked on everything from a web series designed for entrepreneurs (think NBA online), to retail training videos for The Gap, to explaining how to fully utilize various cloud platforms, to comedic safety videos for Sephora. We work closely with our clients to discover the right approach, tone, and structure to keep employees and sometimes customers up to speed.  

Contact us today to learn more about our training video production services and how  we can help you create outstanding educational content!

Case Study

Marketo trains their customers how to use their technology. Their ultimate goal is to prepare people in a variety of industries to use Marketo. They help them effectively do their jobs, which is marketing their products and services with the company they work for or their customers.

Marketo provides training in a couple of different formats– live instructor training for people in a classroom and live instructor training for people via virtual classrooms. They wanted to move from classroom training to video training in order to scale. With classroom training, they were limited by how many people they could have in a classroom and also limited in terms of the price tag associated with it.


Marketo decided to produce corporate training videos to increase the number of users they could reach. They chose to produce this video series because it was the most engaging and impactful option, and it would also work really well with the way they designed their curriculum.


The videos that we produced for Marketo were available for free. So far their investment has greatly paid off because just in the first three months they had more than 25,000 people watch the videos at That is well over the number of people they could train in one year in classroom visits with a face-to-face audience and in their virtual training.