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The Power of Event Video Production

For over two decades we’ve helped businesses show off their brands, gather leads and increase sales with captivating visual stories.

Whether it’s building an audience, generating leads, educating a team, or communicating in an engaging way with customers— Studio B Films helps you stand out in a cluttered marketplace.

Live Event Production Videos

We are a leading event video production company offering a full spectrum of event and entertainment video services. Equipped with a full team of skilled production professionals working on-site to cover all event video needs. Including pre-event inspection, professional camera crews, audio engineers and encoding technicians.

In addition, we also provide pre-event consultation, web portal design for webcasts, content management and viewing reports. Benefits of webcasting include saving money by eliminating travel expenses, driving site traffic, creating new opportunities for sponsorship and more.

Event Highlight Videos

There’s no second chance at a first impression. When a customer is introduced to your business, what will they see? Will it be memorable?

These are fast paced 1-2 minute videos captured on-site and designed to distill the excitement of a jam-packed event. Included are the best moments and sound bites from attendees and participants, leaving a lasting impression on the viewers.

These often make for a great showing the following day of an event. Highlight videos can also be presented on the event website to rally excitement about next years sign-ups.

Sizzle Videos

Think of a sizzle videos as your business in a package. When someone opens that package they hear your brand voice, see your story unfold, and get an overall idea of who you are. It’s a 2-5 minute overview of your product, brand or service that can radically influence the perception of your company.

Showing key info and takeaways in a clean unique visual story leaves people curious and wanting more. Multiple sizzle videos can be used in split testing to see which flavor or tone your audience responds to more favorably. They’re also used to pump up an audience before keynote speeches.

Trade Show Videos

In today’s fast-paced world people don’t usually stop for anything, instead you have to pull them in. Trade show videos are designed to help you stand out from your competition and draw customers into your booth. These videos tend to be traffic-magnets for many passers-by.

Multicam Live Switching and Live Web Streaming

Is your audience big— really, really big? There’s no better way to reach them than with our webcasting services. Using Newtek’s Tricaster line of video switchers we stream online in full HD for superior quality and easy viewing.

Whether it’s a colossal corporate event or an intimately small show, we can scale to fit your needs. We also provide lighting and audio a/v services or work with your existing team to make your event run smooth and look flawless.

On-Site Editing

There’s nothing more powerful than featuring key employee moments or inspiring interviews from the day before. Once we’ve captured these moments, we provide immaculate on-site editing which expedites the rendering process— leaving your viewers with an incredible display of near real-time events.  

Case Study
Annual General
Managers Conference

Two years ago the William Sonoma’s marketing team was looking to hire a video production company/creative agency to help them transform their annual national manager’s sales conference from a purely fiscal experience to a virtual one.  

Previously William Sonoma would haul trucks filled with everything they needed to recreate a physical store to Arizona. This was very expensive and ultimately less effective than creating a virtual experience. Benefits of this include bringing the experience into the digital age, setting the Williams-Sonoma brand apart, and cost savings around shipping hundreds of products.  

The trick was creating an immersive experience that was as informational as the traditional format while keeping the attendee’s attention during a two-hour presentation which might include more than ten presenters.


Studio B Films collaborated with the Williams-Sonoma team to develop content as the “main attraction” allowing product leads to “virtually” walk attendees through the different features, or product sets.  Studio B brought the various chapters alive with music and beautifully animated chapter headings to introduce new products and to drill down on features.

We even had budget left over to have some fun.  In addition to the creating the product category videos we also produced several event sizzle videos and a “car karaoke” video featuring Williams Sonoma’s CMO Janet Hayes singing in a car on the way to the conference with three-time Grammy award winner Trisha Yearwood.


The conference was a huge success, saving William Sonoma tens of thousands of dollars while bringing the show into the digital age. Studio B Films was invited back to produce the next year’s event, so the fun continues.

Event Video Production

Services Include

• Post-production Sound, Color, & motion

  graphics editing

• Multi Camera Live Switched Events

• Entertainment Video Services

• Fully Equipt Camera Crew

• On-site Production Team

• Live Streaming

• Drone Filming

Event Types Include:

• Annual Corporate Meetings

• Educational Conferences

• Comedy Shows

• Sports Events

• Trade Shows

• Concerts

Our video services span the board— there’s a visual story for every audience.