Documentary Production

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Authentic Storytelling

We’ve found that micro documentaries give our clients an opportunity to create mission-driven authentic storytelling. This approach involves a mixture of interviews, cinematic footage, and most importantly good storytelling that creates and emotional connection with the audience.  

Micro docs can help engage donors or investors, advance your policy or mission, or get the word out about how your organization is making a difference, and the good work your doing in the world.

Documentary filmmaking is part of Studio B Film’s DNA

David Collier, the founder of Studio B Films, has deep roots in documentary film. In 1994, David produced a feature documentary called For Better or for Worse, a portrait of five feisty couples together for 50 years or longer. The film won many awards including an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Feature. Over the years, our team at Studio B has shot and produced a wide variety of projects for PBS, BBC, Discovery Channel, HBO, MTV, and Canadian television.  We have also had the pleasure of working with non-profit organizations and foundations with missions ranging from bringing arts and technology to underserved teens to helping abolish malaria in Africa to highlighting solutions to climate change solutions.  

The process for producing a micro documentary should include the strategy, pre-production planning, filming, and delivery and distribution services. When choosing an agency for your micro documentary production needs, it’s most important that they can really and truly understand your goals and messaging that will resonate with your audience.  And to do this we take a very collaborative approach

If you’re ready to find out more about how a micro documentary could help your business or organization, contact us today!

Case Study

Studio B had the good fortune to shoot the video announcement of the March edition of Wired magazine, designed specifically for the tablet computer. The digital magazine uses Adobe AIR as its platform. And it is beautiful. Check out the video.