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How can explainer videos help your business?

But what we all really want to hear before making a buying decision is other people’s experience with a product or service. We’re all impacted by the opinions of other people, even people we don’t know.

That’s why customer testimonial videos are one of the best ways to sell you and your product. Through the power of video testimonials, you can let your happy customers do the work for you, by simply telling everyone how much they love your product.

Explainer videos are a proven, effective way of marketing your product

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According to Wyzowl, 97% of video marketers believe that videos increase their audience’s understanding of a product or service.

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Wzyowl also found that 76% report that videos help them increase sales. 

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Wirebuzz found that explainer videos in particular have a big impact, finding that 95% of viewers retained the core message after watching a video, compared with just 10% who read it in text.  

Best practices for explainer videos

The best explainer videos show your product or service in action—in a simple, pithy, sometimes tongue-in-cheek style—and quickly communicate your value proposition and introduce some key benefits. In order to do that, explainer videos should be:  

  • Short, with a length of 1-2 minutes.
  • Narrated in a friendly, conversational tone (imagine your best buddy telling you about the latest, greatest solution).
  • Focused on what the audience needs, showing how your product or service can help—think benefits rather than features.
  • Align with your brand look, feel, and tone.
  • And most importantly engage the viewer with a good story.

Key things to look for and consider when creating an explainer video:

First, know your key messaging. Explainer videos shouldn’t try to pack too much information into it or you’ll lose your audience. Choose a tone and voice that is on-brand and engages the audience.  

You should also have a clear idea of what you want people to do after watching the video, whether it’s seek out more information, make a purchase, or give you their contact information. Whatever you want them to do, make sure the CTA is clear. 

Finally, choose the right company to help you. The best video production companies will help you create a plan to make a video that works for your business. When choosing a creative agency to produce your explainer video, here are some key questions to ask: 

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  • Will there be a plan before you begin? 
  • Does the agency understand your product or service?
  • Has the video production company produced explainer videos before and are there examples you can see? 
  • Does the creative agency have experience with a wide range of explainer video approaches?
  • Does their proposal match your vision?

Best practices for explainer videos

Lots of video production companies produce explainer videos, but in our humble opinion there’s a real art to creating something original that creatively and clearly explains your value proposition. Explainer videos are very effective marketing tools, but they can also become cookie-cutter and predictable in their execution.  

An explainer video is an amplification of your product offerings and if done right should move the needle in your sales goals.  

Looking for explainer video services? Look no further! Studio B Films has produced numerous explainer videos, in a range of styles, always with the intention of making them unique, clever, and memorable. 


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Case Study

Accellion Kitepoint


Accellion is a tech company based in Silicon Valley. They asked Studio B Films to produce an explainer video that showcased their new secure file sharing platform. We didn’t want to create a predictable, run-of-the-mill video. We wanted Accellion to stand out among the competition. So we set out to break the genre and add a little magic. 


Rather than start with a specific customer story based on one character’s experience, we decided to tell the story based on the main question that their team asked when developing the platform: How can we build the best file sharing platform from the ground up?

We shot two hands from the first person POV that would be manipulating an interface in the air as we discussed what the platform offers. The hands provided the human connection to the product and showed that these products were developed for real people who want to work from anywhere. By using graphics in space, we were able to explain the value proposition of the product while unveiling its beautiful interface. Once the hands built the product, an iPad materialized on-screen and the viewer got to see the software at work.


Using video to connect with a prospect
humanizes the selling process

“Using video to connect with a prospect humanizes the selling process”

- Jill Rowley

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