Studio B Films goes bionic! Our recent video for Berkeley Bionics’ product launch of ELegs has gone viral — reaching over 320,000 viewers on YouTube in five days.

ELegs is a bionic exoskeleton for people paralyzed from the waste down, that when worn, gives them the power to stand and walk on their own. We are pleased as punch here at Studio B, not only to have been a part of introducing this revolutionary product to the world, but also to have successfully infiltrated the Internet with a hopeful and optimistic piece of news media. Wired Magazine, CNET,, and dozens of techie blogs are spreading the word with the help of our video which Berkeley Bionics posted on YouTube last Thursday.

Our video features testimonials from three individuals who sustained paraplegic injuries, taking their first steps after only a few hours in the ELegs. It was a moving experience to witness and document, Amanda’s joy and enthusiasm was infectious…probably one of the reasons our video went viral.

Eythor Bendor, Berkley Bionics’ new CEO, will speak and show the video at the TEDx conference in San Antonio where Amanda Boxtel will show off her ELegs in a live demo. In the meantime, check out our video below and have your mind blown by what science is capable of today.

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