Studio B partners with Adobe and Wired Magazine to showcase the new possibilities of a tablet magazine

wired_screenshot1The iPad was announced.  What next?  We are all thinking about applications for the tablet computer and new ways to consume media.  Well, that is exactly what Wired Magazine in partnership with Adobe has been working on in the last year.  A magazine created for the tablet computer.

Studio B had the good fortune to shoot the video announcement of the March edition of Wired magazine, designed specifically for the tablet computer.  The digital magazine uses Adobe AIR as its platform.  And it is striking!

Unlike much web content, the March issue is designed by Wired’s talented print design team, and it shows.  It’s beautiful.  The design is easy to navigate, intuitive in terms of use of UI and filled with promised 360 views, video and audio.

It’s amazing to look at the same car add in the print and tablet versions.  In the print version, the fold of the magazine hits in the middle of the car.  On the tablet version, you can spin the car around with a swipe of your finger.

Studio B had a chance to read through the magazine during the filming.  The idea behind the tablet magazine is to offer an experience as rich as viewing content on the iPhone, and judging on the prototype issue, they have delivered.  Studio B worked with Adobe’s Dan Cowles to shoot this project.  We interviewed  Scott Dadich, the Creative Director of Wired and Jeremy Clark from the Adobe Experience Design team.

Wired is one of Condé Nast’s 18 publications, so the growth potential for a tablet magazine is grand.  That is not to say that the tablet will replace the magazine, it surely will not, but as media makers, we are thrilled about the video potential of new tablet magazines.

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