Huffington Post Features “Everybody Pees”

Huffington Post Features “Everybody Pees”

Well, it has only been a week since we last spoke about, “Everybody Pees,” here on the Studio B blog. Already the video has climbed to 381,000 views and still going strong!

Our dancing kidneys have gained national attention as the video was featured in a health article for The Huffington Post.

The National Kidney Foundation is really gaining speed with its new campaign as the organization hopes to increase awareness and education of kidney health.

The article explains how so many Americans simply don’t understand their kidneys and the easy, regular tests that can help spot problems early on.

This is where Studio B Films comes in because our fun, memorable video uses animated characters to demonstrate how often and simple it is we pee. So why not do it into a cup at the doctor’s office?

Be sure to read more about the overlooked importance of kidney disease with The Huffington Post by clicking here.

Watch and share our video with friends and family to help them understand kidney health and get a laugh out of some animated entertainment!