How much does it cost to produce a video?

How much does it cost to produce a video?

This is a question we get all of the time here at Studio B Films, and it’s a good question for sure, but the answer depends on a whole lot of variables. We first set out to discover the scope of the work. Below we’ve compiled a list of questions that will not only allow us pull together an estimate, but will also help us understand your business, how your value proposition differs from your competitors, and aid us in developing a creative treatment.

What are the goals and objectives of the video?

Defining the goals and objectives of the video is an essential first step in the process. We always ask our clients: what do you want the audience to think, feel and do after viewing the video.

Who is the audience?

It’s important that your video production company fully understands your audience, who they are, their impressions of your brand, and ultimately what will motivate them to choose you over your competition.

How will the video be seen? Web, Event, Trade Show, Sales Meetings …

If you’re hiring a video production company to create a video for a trade show, for example, it’s important to think beyond that event so that you can leverage that footage, and your efforts for other videos including the web, sales meetings, investor meetings and more.

Approximately how long do you imagine the video to be?

If it’s for the web we suggest keeping the video under 3 minutes as peoples’ attention span for the web is relatively short.

Can you email us links to videos that you think is a fit in terms of look and feel?

We are constantly watching new video content. Passing links of videos back and forth is a great way to identify the right approach to communicate your messaging as well as discover the best look and feel for your video.

Do your competitors have videos?

It is helpful for us to see all of your competitors videos so we know how to differentiate your products.

Schedule? Working it backward: is there a particular date you need to have it completed?

While we are no stranger to working on projects with a super tight turn-a-round, typically for a 3-5 minute video we usually advise our clients to anticipate a 6 – 8 week timeframe from concept through completion.

Do you have a budget range?

Sometimes if our clients have a budget range in mind. Letting us know that range up front can be helpful as it can inform the approach.

At Studio B Films we are used to guiding our clients through the process. To get an estimate on a video project please go to the get a quote section of our web site. Giving us the details we’ve outlined above will help us have a more informed conversation about your needs.