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Most people know about and the ability to discover your own family history through their billions of historical records. Well, they came to Studio B Films to help announce the launch of a powerful DNA service they call AncestryDNA. It’s a pretty amazing process where you send in a sample of DNA (saliva) and they compare and match it to thousands of others, giving you a scientifically accurate map of your own ethnicity and connecting you to people with similar ethnicities from all over the world. We chose to produce a video with both live action and graphics to fully tell the story. After doing two rounds of casting, we decided that the most authentic voice would really come from experts from AncestryDNA. Sure enough Ken and John nailed the content and projected a real knowledge and passion for the process and what it means. To enhance their telling of the story, we brought in a modern take on the family tree and tied them directly to the beautiful web interface built by the AncestryDNA team. So watch, swab your cheek and let the ethnicities flow!

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