Deep Flow and Wheel of Yoga now on DVD: A Smush Media and Studio B Films Co-Production

Deep Flow and Wheel of Yoga now on DVD: A Smush Media and Studio B Films Co-Production

Namaste! After spending a weekend filming with world-renowned yoga instructor David Moreno, our chakras are aligned and we feel better than ever. Our friends and colleagues at Smush Media invited us to co-produce a duo of instructional yoga videos and we were thrilled to join them. This is the third yoga video Studio B has produced and the process is always an enjoyable (and rejuvenating) one. Despite some similarities, each instructional fitness video is a different experience with distinctive needs. Meeting the challenge of creating a unique and dynamic video that is suitable for its niche has taught us a thing or two and we are especially proud of these last two videos now available on DVD.

Here’s our production profile for Deep Flow Yoga: Lateral Sequence and Wheel of Yoga: For Cyclists.

Location: We shot both videos in the dining room of Ozumo, a Japanese restaurant located in downtown Oakland. The set was simple, yet with an air of exotic elegance. We wanted the ambiance to reflect David’s calming nature but didn’t scream “New Age.” We also required a large open space, so the dining room layout was a perfect fit.

Camera: Love those jib arms! A moving camera can really keep the shot interesting and can also be helpful to show different angles of the body as the camera floats around the instructor and his students. We used two timecode synced HD cameras, with the jib-rigged camera shooting all the wide angles while the second camera captured the close ups.

Narration and Host: David is such a calm on-camera talent to work with – if only they all could be so balanced! For the shorter workouts we decided to have David narrate each routine on camera with the longer routines we used voice-over, which allowed for flexibility in the edit room.

Check out this clip and see our final results.