Back to the 70’s with Studio B Films and Caseology


Back to the 70’s with Studio B Films and Caseology

Studio B and Caseology took advantage of the Bay Area heat wave and threw the grooviest pool party in town! Here is how we brought back the 70’s, Studio B style.

Typically, our projects have a six to eight week turnaround. For us, this includes a concept and script preparation phase, during which we take a week to come up with concepts and, once we land on an approach, we take another couple of weeks to refine the script. Once that phase is completed, we usually take another week or two for casting, location scouting, hiring crew, and working with an art director and stylists. Finally, we shoot…then go into post-production. In this case, because Caseology wanted to “crash the party” of the iPhone 8 announcement, we had to highly accelerate our process. Luckily, we dug the overall concept of a “back to the future 70’s pool party,” so we jumped in head first.

After creating a working script and holding in-house casting sessions, ‘twas time to make the party come to life! Utilizing 70’s photos, films, and personal experience for inspiration, our production and creative staff dived right in to gather props – among our favorites, a red vintage phone and a yellow patio umbrella – and lots of fun wardrobe choices for our cast.

The shoot day couldn’t have gone smoother.  We had a sunny day, an inviting pool, a 1970’s ranch house and a far out cast and crew – It was a blast! We know that work can be… work; but, at Studio B, we take every opportunity enjoy what we do, so we danced, we tanned, we filmed and, in the end, we brought the 70’s back to your screens!