Cliff and the Drones

Cliff Traiman shoots drone cameras with Studio B.

Cliff and the Drones

Cliff and the Drones — sounds like a killer rock band.  Well, we think Cliff is a rocker.

Studio B Films recently had the pleasure of working with cinematographer, Cliff Traiman, who knows a little something about flying cameras.

With the current drone craze, we thought we’d ask Cliff about the allure of working with copter cameras.

How did you get into drone camera work?
I was frustrated by having to work with other operators. I really wanted to be able to put the lens where I wanted to and control the timing of the shot. Working beside the guy flying the rig was a bit like operating with a pair of hand cuffs on. I found it much more liberating to control the stick myself.

What are the challenges and benefits of utilizing a drone on a project?
Quadcopters are a game-changing tool. We can now put a moving camera in places that only a few years ago was impossible without spending tons of cash. Very exciting from that perspective! The ambiguous laws can be a challenge, but they will likely become more clear and lenient in time. Fingers crossed…

What’s been your favorite shoot using the drone, and why?
Why, your Tesla shoot, of course! Gorgeous car on top of Tam!

Any other thoughts about the proliferation of drone cameras – for production or recreational purposes?
I think it’s a great thing that filmmakers have access to these tools. Opens up a new world of possibilities in terms of where we can put a camera, how we can move it. As a visual storyteller, it’s like learning a whole new language. I love it!

Cliff Traiman is a Bay Area DP specializing in commercials, corporate and aerial cinematography. He is also one of the founding partners of The Little Giant Lighting & Grip Company. His work can be seen at