The Value of Shooting and Webcasting your Company's Quarterly Meetings

The Value of Shooting and Webcasting your Company's Quarterly Meetings

February 4, 2014

Every quarter Studio B Films shoots, edits and web casts Adobe's quarterly meetings for internal employees. Is this additional expense for a company justified? The answer is yes, because ultimately is good for their bottom line. This blog explains why.

Only so many people can physically be in attendance at the actual meeting so an internal web cast is a great way to get it out to many more employees.

In the case of Adobe Inc. which currently has over ten thousand employees worldwide, there is a great benefit for all of the employees to hear about the company’s goals and objectives directly from the executives who are driving those company strategies. And it behooves the employees to know those goals because it will help them make better decisions within their departments.

To make these meeting more engaging and to ensure they capture a large audience, as well as the full 75-minute meeting, we also cut a ten-minute highlights video.

To make these presentations more energetic, we shoot these webcasts a little bit like a mini rock concert. We use three cameras: one on a portable dolly in the back of the house and two hand-held cameras near the stage to make it more dynamic. For the ten-minute version we cut together a thirty-second flashy montage to get the audience’s attention.

Recording and webcasting your company's quarterly or annual meetings help build company morale and gets employees excited about the company’s current vision and direction. Studio B Films has been producing multi-camera event videos for years and we would be happy to provide an estimate for your next event.

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