Studio B shoots John Mayer's New Augmented Reality Music Video

Studio B shoots John Mayer's New Augmented Reality Music Video

December 5, 2009

Studio B shot Grammy Award-winning musician John Mayer’s latest music video in Hollywood, CA. Mayer, who tweets, blogs and posts his own videos on his website, contacted Adobe about collaborating on a new Augmented Reality video for his newly released album, Battle Studies. Mayer wanted to make an innovative new video for his single, “Heartbreak Warfare” that was creative, new and interactive.

The video continues Mayer’s desire to include his audience as part of his process.

Here is how the video works: Adobe’s new Flash-based Augmented Reality software works in conjunction with your computer’s camera. To watch the video unfold, you hold up an augmented reality marker (provided as a PDF) to your computer’s webcam. The marker triggers the video to begin. Because you are holding up the marker, you will see yourself as a part of the video, behind John Mayer. You can move the marker and John and his surrounds move with you.

Studio B shot the video on a Green screen stage in Hollywood and pulled the key. We worked closely with Dan Cowles from Adobe to coordinate the John’s actions so that the experience would be seamless. As you can see in the Wired video, John kept us all entertained – especially between takes. Blitz, a motion graphics company in LA, was also on set working closely with the engineers. Blitz built the 3-D experience. Studio B was thrilled to work with Mayer on this new Augmented Reality Video.