Studio B Films Shoots Hoops With the Warriors

Studio B Films Shoots Hoops With the Warriors

May 15, 2015

The Golden State Warriors were pretty busy this 2014-2015 season, winning the most games in franchise history and taking their success to the final rounds of the NBA Playoffs.

Despite their jam-packed schedules, shooting guard Klay Thompson and small forward Harrison Barnes were able to film with Studio B Films and Adobe to promote Adobe's new Document Cloud.

It was a nervous start to the shoot as the production team, and Warriors fans everywhere, were worried about the status of Thompson's ankle.

The night before the shoot, March 16, Thompson tweaked his ankle playing the LA Lakers. Although he finished out the game, we were all wondering whether a quick shoot with Adobe was worth aggravating any potential injury he may have had. Just as he impresses on the court, Thompson impressed us all as he arrived for the shoot immediately following his visit to the doctor: slightly limping, but cleared to film.

Many Adobe employees who stuck around the office long enough, cleared their desks to watch the corporate-dressed Thompson and Barnes shoot paper baskets in the midst of their cubicle hub.

The office scene required Thompson and Barnes to struggle with the paper baskets while the goofy office dork, Paco, sank them easy. However, the Warriors players couldn't help themselves and frequently made shots when they weren't supposed to.

After a quick, multi-sandwich break for Thompson, the staff and crew headed up to the roof for some hilarious shots of the Warriors towering over Paco in absolute domination. Despite his best efforts, Paco's shots were denied all evening long.

As Thompson and Barnes were sinking threes all around the basket, extra crew members had to spread out and block rogue balls from hitting our director of photography, David Collier, and our camera operator, Dan Williams, as they filmed.

It was a fun and active experience for the Studio B Films and Adobe staff. We are looking forward to hopefully working with more Golden State players soon. Go Warriors!