Studio B Gets Glamorous: Employee Training with Sephora

Studio B Gets Glamorous: Employee Training with Sephora

July 30, 2011

Studio B director David Collier has spent a lot of time in Sephora lately, not just for their jungle red lipstick, but to produce a series of employee training videos for their staff. Each tutorial video covers a different aspect of Sephora’s retail culture, and teaches their crew how to better care for their customers while staying on top of sales.

Shooting on location in various Sephora stores has been a gaffer’s dream. Each retailer is outfitted with a stellar lighting system that already makes everyone look like a movie star. We interviewed different “cast members” (sales associates) on some of their best practices in customer care, with a “How to” look at “smart sampling” and fragrance sales. We were careful to keep the look of each video very Sephora – sleek, stylish and glamorous. With the help of two cameras, and of course, an endless selection of cosmetics at our disposal, we managed to make what could have been standard employee training videos, fun, charismatic and educational…Not to mention, we always left set smelling and looking fabulous!

Stay tuned for our next Sephora video: a humorous take on Safety Training for new hires. Think “The Office” meets “makeup.”

Click on the image below to take a peek at the final product: