A playful animated explainer video

A playful animated explainer video

March 18, 2021

Helping Facebook Employees Adjust to the New Remote Work Paradigm

With thousands of Facebook employees now working remotely Facebook wanted to produce an explainer video that would help them navigate this new challenge. The overarching goal of the video was to begin a conversation with employees about the joys and challenges of working remotely. The video was specifically designed to help employees manage their time, prioritize what projects need to be done collaboratively in-person, verses remotely, and how to best communicate with your teammates globally. The video was also about helping employees balance their personal and professional priorities.

Our challenge as their creative agency and video production company was to produce a 2D animated explainer video that demonstrated and explained various topics that are often abstract. Our producer Nina Rappaport Rowan elaborated on the process, “The Facebook 2D illustration style is a joy to animate because the character design is both whimsical and sophisticated. This allows us to create compelling looking character animation and abstract motion graphics to demonstrate and explain various topics that can be general or sometimes even sensitive.”

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