Stories from the Set: Studio B and Grammarly

Stories from the Set: Studio B and Grammarly

January 18, 2017

Back in November, Studio B worked on a web and broadcast spot for Grammarly. Some of our team was already familiar with the plugin, so we were excited to be working with a company that we loved.

For those who don't know about Grammarly, it's a free plugin that corrects grammar, spelling, and vocabulary, wherever you want to write! It's pretty awesome.

We showed how Grammarly can help in everyday life, through our protagonist, Lily. It's her first day of work and Grammarly helps her "write at the speed of life" as she navigates customer emails, tweets, and Facebook messages.

Some fun trivia: Grammarly employees were able to participate in the commercial. So when you see people working in the background, those are the people that are helping develop the platform!

Here is a small collection of photos from the first day of shooting:

Grammarly video

We loved shooting at Grammarly's headquarters, but there was still more to do! The next day, we shot at a beautiful house in Berkeley's hills and in the bustling downtown.

All of the hard work paid off. Since the video's release, it has over 8 million views! Check it out!