Studio B and Grammarly are Back!

Studio B and Grammarly are Back!

July 15, 2017

Have you seen our Grammarly video: First Day, Second Guess? With over 110-million views on the original project, we had the opportunity to work with Grammarly again. This time around, we shot 4 different videos featuring an eclectic cast of characters!

Yes-- we shot 4 different spots, each looking at featuring that one crazy colleague. The characters might have been a little hyperbolic, but that's what makes them so fun! The videos featured a master knitter, an early adopter, a techie, and a couple of coffee snobs. Filming multiple videos in one day can be tricky, which means there has to be a lot of planning in pre-production.

Here's a few tips we have:

  1. 4 drastically different locations won't work for a 10 hour day, so choose something like an office space. For us, Grammarly's office acted as a great canvas and our art department was able to make the space come alive through all of the props. The space also provided different areas to film -desks, conference rooms, kitchen- keeping each video a little different than the other. Find a space like this for your project and it will ensure a smoother shoot day!
  2. To really sell each character, we had to make sure we had a plethora of props and exciting wardrobe wardrobe options. Have your props and wardrobe prepped and ready to go. 3 of the videos required lots of props and set dressing so it was important for everything to be on standby organize props and wardrobe for easy changes. You don't want to let this slow down your production so keep everything organized and prepped.
  3. A good team is key! A team that communicates well when there's a full schedule makes the day go much smoother. Check out this post about hiring the right production crew.

We hope these lessons learned can help you on your next shoot! Check out our Early Adopter spot: