GoPro - Great Things Come in Small Packages

GoPro - Great Things Come in Small Packages

February 18, 2014

When considering what equipment to use to create the highest quality content, we often think bigger is better. However, this is becoming a common misconception, as highlighted by our Rentals Manager and Crew Services Coordinator Dan Williams in the Rentals Blog last month. Here in the production department, we're less focused on the equipment, but we do think it’s key to be up to date on the latest developments. Check out an excerpt from Dan's post below --

If there’s one thing to gather from the video products announced at the Consumer Electronics Show last week, it’s that “4k” is more than just a passing fad. All of the major electronics companies seem to be jumping on the bandwagon, with 4k televisions, projectors, and cameras. Although this seems like it could be more of a gimmick to sell cameras based on the “4k” buzzword, the technology is there to where we can get very high quality images from such a small package. The wild popularity of the GoPro line of cameras speaks to this. With such a small form factor and a high quality image (4k even, at low framerates), the GoPros allow for completely unique perspectives in filmmaking– such as affordable aerial cinematography with the DJI Phantom quadcopter.

Aerial Cinematography Reel - Summer 2015 from Studio B Films on Vimeo.

This year at CES we saw new GoPro accessories like the robotic camera operator Jigabot AIMe and the Steadicam Curve, proving that the range of applications for these tiny cameras is getting wider every day.

If these trends continue we’ll have cinema-quality 20k footage coming from a pinhole camera within a couple years, but for the time being we’ll gladly stick with 4k, as the sheer volume of recorded data is putting enough stress already on the Studio B servers.

Get with the trends and rent a 4k digital cinema camera or GoPro today!