GetSafe- A Little Bit of Comedy

GetSafe- A Little Bit of Comedy

September 14, 2017

When GetSafe asked us to come up with a video to help differentiate them from their competition, we developed three original treatments and were thrilled that they decided to go with a comedic approach.

The “do-it-yourself” home security product market is now a very competitive and crowded space so we needed GetSafe’s video stand out in the crowd. No better way than with a little bit of comedy!

GetSafe’s story is told through a young couple and thee technologically-inept in-laws. Comical, yet relatable scenarios, intercut with shots of the product in action, engage the viewer- and allow us to dive deeper into product benefits! In our opinion, the mix of quirky characters and crazy scenarios would create a memorable and highly shareable spot.

Within the first few months of the video being released, it had over 100k views! Looks like comedy was the right choice for this spot!