Studio B and DISH Network Team Up for TV!

Studio B and DISH Network Team Up for TV!

September 22, 2017

One of our favorite projects of 2017 has to be our broadcast spot for DISH Network & Pac-12 Networks. DISH was looking to showcase their new Game Finder app, allowing users to watch Pac-12 games anytime, anywhere. The creative team at Pac-12 Networks developed a great concept, offering a lot of opportunity for humor, so Studio B decided to bring in a couple of guest directors.

We reached out Chris Parisi and Damon Brennan. These two have been working together for 10 years, creating hilarious videos for companies like Pandora, HP and Virgin America. After seeing their work, we knew they’d bring that comedic edge to the spot!

Talent choice for our directors was a no-brainer: The Pac-12 mascots! The script revolved around all 14 mascots living under one roof, fighting over who gets to watch their game on TV. They’ve tried everything--from creating a schedule board to stealing and hiding the remote. Their plight goes unresolved, until, with the help of the DISH Game Finder app, each mascot can now watch their team on a tablet, phone, or computer!

Chris and Damon decided the central action would be a carefully choreographed scene with the mascots fighting over the TV remote. The biggest challenge facing our directors was ensuring each mascot got screen time in this 30-second spot. So they gathered the Studio B team and we spent an afternoon spitballing ideas for each of our fuzzy characters. We came out of the meeting with a long list of gags for each character that Chris and Damon were able to piece together in the script.

At the shoot, there was never a dull moment on set. Once the mascots arrived, it was a non-stop party! Each character has their own boisterous personality, making each scene better than we could have imagined. Some highlights from the shoot included a giant Oregon Duck bubble bath, our dancing Stanford tree, and a dogpile on Oski. There are so many great moments from this shoot--be sure to check out the spot to see them all!