Collaborating with Agencies - Doremus & Intel

Collaborating with Agencies - Doremus & Intel

October 3, 2017

Here at Studio B, we pride ourselves on being a creative agency as well as a full-service video production company. While we love working directly with clients and developing our own creative, sometimes we get the chance to work on projects with other agencies, giving us access to collaborative opportunities we might otherwise not have.

One such agency, Doremus works with Intel. Having deep experience in mediums other than video, Doremus likes to partner with shops like Studio B that have been playing in the motion picture space for years (for us, since 1992!). Their Intel Hot Topics videos allowed us to collaborate with top industry creative and production teams and to produce content for one of the most iconic brands in technology. While we were given fully baked scripts, translating them to the screen took a thorough and collaborative pre-production process, including mood and storyboards, detailed shot lists, location scouting, and casting.

The production day itself was a big one, cramming nine live-action vignettes into a ten-hour shoot day. Planning and communication, two hallmarks of a successful shoot, were keys to our success. Handling post-production in-house allowed Studio B to see the creative through to delivery. We're proud of the work and grateful to Doremus for the opportunity to be a part of it!

The trick to a successful collaboration with another agency is keeping in mind who your client is. While Intel was the ultimate recipient, we were there to support Doremus. No place for egos, this type of work is about plussing existing creative, listening and being responsive.