Branding Videos: Studio B Brings Work-Life to Life

Branding Videos: Studio B Brings Work-Life to Life

June 9, 2011

We were recently approached by WCG, a renowned communications and PR firm, to create a branding video for their dynamic company and its lively staff. Creative Director, Walt Whitman (not of Leaves of Grass) came to us with a script, some imaginative ideas and a clear message of what he wanted to communicate to perspective clients and new hires. The result was an inspirational peek into the company culture and the work they do. Walt understood the greatest asset these branding videos have is their ability to bring not only the company’s portfolio to life, but to showcase the company’s process and personality, while remaining professional.

The Studio B crew ran around WCG’s San Francisco office for one day, filming everything and everyone we thought could speak to the company’s character. In keeping with WCG’s high-end production values, we filmed on the RED and featured a few different tracking shots, giving the space a very fluid, open look and the overall video a commercial feel.

Check out the end result. The music track is from local SF band, Collider. Like the opening credits of a feature film, music in a branding video is key to setting the right tone. We were lucky to stumble upon this group and their track “Translator” that really brought the piece together.

To anyone interested in producing a branding video, consider this: what better way to simultaneously be productive and goof off at work than making a movie!?