A Cheeky Video to Make an Audience Blush

A Cheeky Video to Make an Audience Blush

January 19, 2012

We love working with companies that aren’t afraid to push boundaries. So it was quite a treat to have Benefit cosmetics come to us with a special task: “Show our product in a way that will make our audience blush!”

We got right to the drawing board shooting for something silly, sassy, and a little bit racy. Starting with their fun and beautiful marketing imagery, a lovely angel sitting in heavenly light, we imagined what this Angel’s back-story might be. How did she get there? What was she like before she became an angel? How did her face get so darn glowy? We rounded out the cast with one sleazy devil, an God who’s more than (s)he seems. Added a dash of comedy. And finished with some divine cosmetic product placement.

The result, we think, is heavenly:

A little shout out (harp strum?) for Amanda Huelse who wrote and produced, Joe Morgan who wrote the dialogue, Jane Selle Morgan who is our resident comedy director and David Collier captured the magic as the Director of Photography. Our new motion graphics artist Devin Earthman and his team of troublemakers created Heaven under the direction of Art Director Aaron Barry after Eli Olsen cut the picture.
The Studio B Team sure feels the Benefit of having such a heavenly, funny client!