Adobe & Studio B Make Lemonade with “Life Gives You Lemons”

Adobe was looking to create a 60-second marketing video for Adobe Sign and Adobe Document Cloud. They wanted to collaborate on a clever video that showcased how their products could help any business run more smoothly.

Studio B Films pitched Adobe a handful of  imaginative ideas. The Adobe team picked one with a group of children running their own business, a lemonade company. The kids are feeling the pressure of trying to expand and grow their company with an outdated business model.

From a production standpoint, the exciting part of the project was taking an empty garage and transforming it into a colorful, playful kids workshop/office. Creating this imaginative environment helped bring more life to the story!

The budding talent turned out to be a dream to work with and everyone had a great time on the shoot. The hard work that went into creating this video shines through and the good folks at Adobe loved the end results!

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