Adobe Partners With Studio B Films To Launch Creative Cloud 2014 – Live From NY!

Adobe brought us in to make a stinger video to help kick-off the Creative Cloud 2014 event in New York.

They had commissioned some incredible artists to contribute artwork that, when assembled into a mosaic, reveals the shape of their CC logo. This collaborative piece became a framework within which we showcased some of the killer new features in Creative Cloud.

Inspired by the mosaic structure, our edit became a fast-paced, split-screen montage with glimpses of amazing art and artists doing great work.

We finished the piece with an assembly of the final logo mosaic which transitions to an electrifying extrusion of the latest CC brand artwork. We were lucky to have so many great elements to work with to get the crowd excited in NY. Creative Director, Aaron Barry, even got to travel to the event to see the final show in all of its 4K glory.

You can see the full launch event here or take a look at the standalone stinger here.

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