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With over 30 years of secure business document handling, Adobe knows reliable software. With over 20 years video production experience, Studio B knows storytelling.Earlier this month, Studio B and Adobe joined forces to produce Echosign for Salesforce, the e-signature solution that reduces time, expense, and simplifies the contract process.
We pitched them on a more lighthearted, fun approach to engage their viewers in a way that a typical marketing video might not. Our client Sara at Adobe was more than happy to go for the funny, with a super dry sense of humor herself, we weren’t surprised. We aligned with scriptwriter Joe Morgan who has written other comedic videos for us in the past, including this recent effort. He and Creative Director Aaron Barry wrote the concept and script.  We loved it – as did they, but from a production perspective it was pretty tricky…lots of characters, lots of locations, lots of logistics. Thankfully Winnie Wong production coordinator extraordinaire is on our team. Production designer Shayla Dopp brought her fantastic ideas, Jason Joseffer brought the pretty pictures (using the Sony F5) and his fantastic crew and comedy director Jane Selle Morgan aligned with a team of SAG actors in the quest for funny.
photo 2
Meet Pete: the lovable yet socially awkward sales guy.

Echosign was shot in 2 days, on both land and in water. Rebecca Grace (resident comedy editor) cut it together in just a few days, Tim Kwong and team put together beautiful graphics and Jeremiah Moore added depth, texture and more funny with his sound design. With almost 500K views on YouTube, lot’s of eyes are on it.
Now that’s something we can sign off on.
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