Why video marketing is an ideal fit for SaaS Companies

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Why video marketing is an ideal fit for SaaS Companies

Video marketing offers the perfect medium for promoting the technology, capabilities, and efficiencies software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies can deliver. Whether you want to demonstrate your app’s functionality or show the power of your cloud-based platform, professional marketing video production can harness motion, audio, and graphics to help visualize and explain your company’s complex value propositions.

Nearly three-quarters of people surveyed said they have been convinced to download an app or software solution after watching a video. Forbes notes that 65 percent of business decision-makers have visited a vendor’s website after watching a video, a trend that is likely to increase as younger and more diverse executives take over the C-suite.

Especially as firms are rethinking their wisdom and efficacy of in-person sales calls, trade shows, and demonstrations, companies operating in the cloud technology space can accrue significant competitive advantages by investing in video marketing. Whether you want to generate awareness of your new product or upgrade, show the human side of your technology solutions, or streamline your prospects’ decision, purchase, and implementation process, marketing videos are a powerful means for accomplishing your mission. The type of video you will want to produce depends on your marketing objective, audience, and distribution plans:


Product Explainer Videos

Product explainer videos tell potential clients what your software does, how it works, the problems it solves. This is critical for SaaS companies that create feature-rich platforms. Explainers guide new customers through the funnel, from generating interest, to the sales process, training, and helping them reap the greatest benefit from your services.


Customer Success Stories

Customer success stories add veracity to your marketing by letting a real client tell others how your software and managed services have boosted their company’s productivity and profitability. These marketing videos highlight the practical problems your customers face and allow them to connect viscerally with others who have found relief from similar issues by subscribing to your service. This helps put a “human face” on your business, something SaaS companies may struggle to achieve.

FAQ Videos

FAQ Videos allow potential and existing clients to access answers to questions about your app’s capabilities, interface, and operation. Usually shot as individual segments so people can access the information they need quickly, creative FAQ videos can portray user vignettes and walk users through your software’s functionality. They make more efficient use of IT staff’s time and offer a great medium for introducing your sales and customer service representatives to potential customers, opening new upselling opportunities


Product Launch Videos and Updates

Product launch videos and updates are versatile, cost-effective ways to highlight product extensions and new features. In addition to posting them on your website, you can easily embed them in emails and incorporate them into RFPs and virtual sales presentations. Marketing videos lend itself to showing before and after procedures and user interfaces, helping clients tailor their workflows more quickly around new functionality.


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