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You’re ready to release your killer new product, software or service to the world. And launching it successfully means everything to you; failure is not an option. But how can you make sure that it stands out from all the others? Studio B will help you craft your product’s story and make sure it’s relevant to those who matter most.

From consumer product releases to enterprise solutions, we’ve produced videos for some of the biggest name companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Everything from tech to cosmetics to sportswear we team up with our clients to develop a compelling product video treatment that effectively speaks to your market.

Product Video Case Study: Buff Wear USA


What better way to show how versatile your product is then a video which shows off its’ fantastic features. Buffwears’ title product, the Buff, is attractive, multifunctional and comes in a variety of designs.

The Buff is predominantly used in outdoor and sporting activities, which gave us a fun opportunity to shoot both in the studio and in the great outdoors. The Bay Area has some of the most beautiful outdoor locations in California and we used these to our full advantage. While, highlighting the features and styles of the product, we also captured the dynamic lifestyle that this audience leads. The final result was a video which would leave the audience in no doubt that the Buff is a premium, versatile sports headwear. And, hopefully, it would get them psyched about hitting the trails, oceans, rivers, and mountains at the same time.

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