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Explainer videos are like the proverbial elevator pitch. They show your product or service in action—in a simple, pithy, often tongue-in-cheek style—and quickly communicate your value proposition, while having a little fun at the same time.

Explainer videos are typically two-to-three minutes long and narrated in a friendly, conversational tone— like your trusted buddy telling you about the latest, greatest solution.

The popularity of the explainer video has skyrocketed in recent years, especially among startups in the San Francisco Bay Area. With so many new companies needing to get the word out, and because social meeting makes that so easy, explainer videos are the perfect way to get your product to the front of the pack.

Looking for an explainer video services company? Look no further. Studio B Films has produced numerous explainer videos, always with the intention of making them unique, clever, and memorable. And sometimes they even go viral!


Explainer videos are everywhere. They are very effective marketing tools, but they can also become cookie-cutter and predictable in their execution. When Accellion, which is a tech company based in silicon valley asked us to produce an explainer that showcased their new secure file sharing platform, we wanted to break the genre and add a little magic. Rather than start with a use case based on a character’s story, we decided to tell the story with a question. The questions that their team asked when developing the platform: How can we build the best file sharing platform from the ground up?

We shot two hands from the first person POV that would be manipulating an interface in the air as we discussed what the platform offers. The hands provide that human connection to the product, these products were developed for real people who want to work from anywhere. By using graphics in space, we were able to explain the value proposition of the product while unveiling it’s beautifully interface. Once the hands have built the product, an ipad materializes on screen and we get to see the software at work.

In the end, the piece brought a highly technical product to life with a mixture of live-action and graphics that also, we hope, surprised and entertained the target audience.

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