Studio B Films - Motion Graphics & Animation - San Francisco Bay Area

While beautifully shot live-action video can tell a story well, we can enhance any story with motion graphics and animation. Motion graphics and animation vastly widen your storytelling toolset by bringing in lively assets limited only by the imagination. Think of global topics, microorganisms, or using motion graphics to deconstruct products and technology. Animation and motion graphics can also bring new personality to your video: added sophistication, elegance, technical explanation, or even humor.

Studio B is a top motion graphics and animation company in the San Francisco Bay Area. We taken great care in assembling the best team possible including creative directors, writers, designers, directors, and animation artist. We produce everything from simple, elegant 2D designs to highly complex 3D animations. We focus on strong visual concepts and good high-quality design. Over the years, we’ve produced videos for everything from web campaigns to multiple screen events. We take a collaborative approach to our motion graphics design projects that results in compelling visual storytelling

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