Tencue – NetSuite

Tencue, a fellow creative agency focused on events hired Studio B to produce an event show opener to kick off the annual Netsuite event, Suiteworld. The goal was to create an excitement among the Netsuite partners and let them know by partnering with Netsuite, they are on the right path to kick some ass.

Ring Central – Glip

Ring Central asked Studio B to partner on a spot to introduce their newest work collaboration app, Glip. With a very short production schedule, Studio B was able to script and create an evocative video with a bouncy music track and cool screen animations that show off Glip’s wide range of features. We even used […]

Magic Instruments – Crowdfunding Video

Magic Instruments partnered with Studio B Films to produce a crowd funding video that would convey the awe, excitement and fun that comes from engaging and learning to play their magic guitar. The video was a big success, exceeding their goal by 400% in less than a week.


For Mobile World Congress 2016, Nuage pegged Studio B to produce this product video, showcasing the ease with which its software defined networking solution can be deployed in remote areas where a mobile connection is the only game in town.

Stormpath: Product Video

Stormpath partnered with Studio B on this product video, showcasing their user management API functionality, ease of implementation and developer support. The video takes a complex, technical message and presents it in an approachable and informative style.

Entelo – Stack Mobile

Entelo turned to Studio B to conceive and produce this spot to introduce their new app for recruiters. Meant to showcase the power their Stack app delivers to HR professionals on mobile devices, we told the story of our heroine, an on-the-go recruiter able to get the job done whenever, wherever.


What could be funny about Thin Client Software? IGEL realized that catching the attention of it’s North American market would be different than doing so in Europe, where it’s traditional, staid marketing approach has worked for decades. Studio B suggested comedy and here’s the result!

GetSafe – Product Video

Studio B developed the creative and produced this video to promote GetSafe’s DIY home security system. It’s so easy to install the only trouble you may have is with your in-laws!

Doremus – Intel Hot Topics

Doremus tapped Studio B to produce a series of videos for their client Intel, covering Hot Topics around system upgrades to maximize security. This was our CD’s maiden voyage with Studio B, and the client could not have been more pleased with the outcome!

Vagaro – Product Intro

Vagaro partnered with Studio B to produce this intro video for their software product, allowing salon owners to focus on the aspects of their business that they’re passionate about while Vagaro handles the rest!