Berkeley Bionics

Berkeley Bionics approached Studio B to produce a testimonial-based video and an R&D video for it’s remarkable new bionic exoskeleton, the eLEGS. The eLEGS allows paraplegics to walk independently. It was a meaningful experience to watch and record individuals taking their first steps in years.

Asset Mark – JP Morgan

Asset Mark hired Studio B to produce a series of 17 videos featuring Financial strategists around the country. JP Morgan was one of those financial companies.

Adobe – Forrester

WIth so much data coming in, how do you make sense of it all?  Adobe hired Studio B FIlms to produce a video that shows how Adobe Campaign (their enterprise marketing software) can turn all of that data into helpful analytics, insights, and ultimately more on-line sales.

Jhana – Orbitz

Orbitz knows that the on-going development of their leaders is key to their success, so they hired Jhana, a manager development company. Jhana was so successful in this process that Jhana decided to hire Studio B Films to produce a customer case study video.  The Jhana sales team loves having this video to show to […]

ADOBE – AEM 2016


Black Diamond makes beautiful climbing and outdoor apparel gear, Adobe makes beautiful software.  Adobe teamed up with Studio B Films to produce a testimonial customer story video showing how Black Diamond has successfully migrated from the old world of paper catalogs to the immersive experience of digital using Adobe’s Experience Manager platform.  The goal was […]

Salesforce – Spring ’20 Release


Following on a series of videos we’ve produced in collaboration with Salesforce timed to support product release/updates, our Spring ’20 story is one of innovation through collaboration, driven by customer experience and feedback. We had a lot of fun with the Salesforce origin story and archival content on this one!

Jumpstart – Lyft Testimonial

Lyft has had tremendous success using Jumpstart’s platform to recruit top students from across the country. We spent the day with the Lyft team to learn about which features of the platform help them the most.