An inspiring branding video that communicates the voice and personality of a creative agency, WCG, to attract new talented employees and clients. Studio B totally enjoyed working with WCG and their challenge of capturing their company culture brand.

Buff USA Headwear Sizzle

Branding sizzle video that was produced to create excitement around the Buff brand and for the multifunctional headwear that every athlete and outdoor enthusiast should sport.

Charlotte Russe – Branding Video

Branding video designed to share the philosophy of Charlotte Russe and how that applies to an overwhelmingly positive customer experience. 

Kurt Salmon / TYCO 1:1 Retailing Teaser

Retail is undergoing a revolution and this dynamic explainer video introduces Kurt Salmon’s one-to-one retailing, which employs new technology to create highly tailored, personalized shopping for customers and brands alike.

Nagra – IntuiTV

Nagra turned to Studio B to produce this compelling product intro, to support its launch of intuiTV at CES. Blending lifestyle shots with product and interface imagery, the piece elegantly conveys the “all-in-one” TV experience.


To help open their annual conference, Informatica turned to Studio B to conceptualize and execute on this brand anthem, elegantly displaying the power of data to drive business value and transform our lives.

Stormpath: Company Overview

Stormpath, a leading provider of identity & user management APIs turned to Studio B to produce their company overview video. With members of Stormpath’s leadership team in the starring roles, the viewer is introduced to the company’s mission and the value the service brings to development teams.

iTutorGroup: Brand Anthem

Combining elegant animation and warm lifestyle cinematography, Studio B juxtaposed the global nature of iTutorGroup’s solutions with the very personal value derived from them in this compelling story.

TomTom – Brand Video

TomTom Maps asked Studio B to produce a Brand Video to reposition the company as a leader in location data and cloud technology. We built our visual storyline from high quality stock footage, allowing us to convey a breadth of locations and vignettes juxtaposing city and landscapes with users of location-based data and mapping apps to convey […]