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Best practices for producing product videos

Product videos give your potential customer the opportunity to experience your product and see it in action. A well made product video offers you the chance to stand out from your competition. Below we have outlined some best practices to ensure your product videos are successful.

1.Collaborate with your sales team

Your sales team will undoubtedly have a lot of great ideas about what features and benefits your customers will respond to in a product video release. These insights will help your marketing department write a successful creative brief that will in turn guide your video production company.

2.Choose the right product video type

Within the product video universe there are several subgenres, including product sizzle videos, product explainer videos, web commercials, FAQ videos and product demo videos.  Of course you can promote your product with multiple types of video, each appropriate for your customers at various stages of their buying journeys.

3.Consider the most effective approach

There are a lot of different styles and approaches you could employ to produce your product video.  The right tactics are driven by the nature of the product, your company culture, and your target audience.  For example, if you have developed a playful company culture and your product is designed to bring your customers joy, then a more lighthearted tone is appropriate.  If your product is more serious – internet security, for example – a more earnest approach is probably called for.   A professional, experienced video production company partner will be able to work with you to dial in not only the right messaging but also the right tone and voice.

4. Write a creative brief

A creative brief goes a long way toward ensuring that your video production company fully understands your customers’ pain points, how your product solves those challenges, , and how to best communicate these benefits to your audience. The creative brief will also ultimately align your messaging and creative approach to the producl video.   You can learn more about writing an effective creative brief check out this blog where we have on-lined a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the process.

5. Choose the right video production company

There are lots of capable video production companies out there, all with different strengths and specialities.  We recommend talking with at least three companies to find the right creative agency for your needs. Here are six questions to ask yourself that can help you determine which partner to choose:

  • Does the video production company’s previous work inspire confidence that it will do the project justice?
  • Will you enjoy the process of working with the production company?
  • Does the creative agency fully understand your brand and audience?
  • Does the video production company offer creative ideas that will take your product and brand to the next level?
  • Can the video production company outline a clear production process for their video services?
  • Is the budget sufficient to capture the scope of the project and your creative vision, and does it seem realistic?

  • Studio B Films has been producing product videos for over 20.  Let us know if we can be of help with your next project.  Contact us to get started.

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