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Best practices for producing a testimonial video

Customer testimonial videos help your prospective clients connect your product or service’s benefits to their particular needs. Seeing a satisfied customer explain how you helped them overcome a real-life problem, become more productive, or make more money, resonates with people in similar situations.


Below we have outlined some best practices for producing a successful testimonial customer story.

1.Coordinate with your sales team

Your sales team will be able to share a wealth of insights around which customers will make for the most compelling testimonial video, and what product features or services to highlight in a testimonial video.  At Studio B Films we often partner with someone within both the marketing department and sales team to review story outlines and interview questions.

2.Pre-Interview testimonial video subjects

When Studio B works with companies to produce their testimonial stories, we recommend that you pre-interview your potential subjects, either over the phone or in person, to determine whether they are the right subjects to talk about how your product made a difference in their lives or businesses and what stories best illustrate the points you want to make. There is nothing wrong with coaching your subjects on how best to explain their problem, why they chose you, and how you delivered satisfaction. Avoid scripting their responses, however. You want your on-screen talent to appear natural and sing your virtues in their own words.

3.Perform a location scout

The time your video production company spends up-front location scouting and meeting the subjects of the testimonial video will help them map out the production day(s), streamline the shoot, and ultimately save you money.  A location scout allows your video production creative partner to choose the right interview subjects within the company, if this hasn’t been done in advance, as well as selecting the exact settings in which the subjects will be interviewed.  From there your video production company’s producer or director can create a “run of day” schedule so that they can make the production day as productive as possible.

4.Write a creative brief

Writing a creative brief ensures that your video production company fully understands your video needs. This pre-production homework will also align your messaging and creative approach to the testimonial video To learn more about writing an effective creative brief check out this blog where we have on-lined a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the process

5.Push the testimonial video to all the right channels

Once the video has been shot, edited, and approved, it is time to make sure it reaches the largest, most relevant audience: Your potential customers. In addition to posting the testimonial video on your website, we recommend you produce “cut downs,” so that you can promote the video on social media.  We also suggest that you partner with your video production company to come up with a social media strategy.  Here’s a blog that details this idea.

For more even more details on best testimonial video practices check out “How to supercharge your marketing with testimonial videos

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