The Boston Globe: Stories You Take With You

The Boston Globe has been the daily newspaper of Boston, Mass. for 139 years. But with the rise of smartphones, tablets, and other easy to pocket electronic devices, the print publication — like many others around the country — had started to see its readership numbers decline. In collaboration with Filament Group and Upstatement, two […]

Hammer Time at Studiobfilms

A few months ago Outside Lands Music festival approached us in search of a funny and engaging ‘announce video’. It is apparently common practice for music festivals to find an entertaining way to put all of the band names into a video and use it as a tool to announce their line-up. We got pretty […]

Sephora Pro Brushes

In June, we were given the opportunity to work with Sephora University to create an internal training video. The goal for this video was to get Sephora employees excited about their new, in-house line of Pro Brushes, and we were excited too!  We really wanted to represent the brushes with elegance, and we think the […]

Customer Story: Michele hearts Adobe Photoshop Elements

Earlier this year we were kindly welcomed into the home of Michele McGraw and her family;  they live in a suburb outside of Washington, D.C. Michele is a Mom, Blogger, and entrepreneur who uses Adobe Photoshop Elements to manage and edit the family photo library.  They were so gracious to let us shoot them from […]

Gazing at the cloud

ADOBE CS6 STINGER from Studio B Films on Vimeo. Adobe’s launch of CS6 and The Creative Cloud represents a huge paradigm shift for their whole creative suite line. To celebrate this re-thinking of the creative process, they reached out to some incredible artists to develop imagery for each product and each Suite family. When they […]

Veggie Thursdays

Studio b is going green with our new ORGANIC FARM BOXES! What can we say? We’re Berkeley to the roots ’round here. Dibs on the arugula!

Studio B is in an Empire State of Mind

In addition to profiling each of Adobe’s brand new TouchApps, Studio B was asked to create a fast-paced, music-driven sizzle piece showcasing ALL the Touchapps now being released. Adobe inspired us with a fun piece of  high-profile music to cut to (see if you can guess the artist) not to mention a series of creative […]

Androids and Ipads, and Iphones, Oh My!

Studio B followed the yellow brick road this last month to see a wiz if ever there was – the wizards at Adobe of course. They’re releasing a series of 7 new creative software applications for touch tablets and mobile devices that all work under the same “cloud” system. Each one has its own unique purpose, […]

Wendy’s + Studio B: Celebrating Strawberries, Salads and Farmers

Studio B recently partnered with Ketchum to produce a social media video press release on behalf of Wendy’s and their newest menu item: Berry Almond Chicken Salad. Ketchum sent the Studio B crew down to Oxnard, CA to feature farmer Jim Carter at Eclipse Berry Farms, whose big, red strawberries are one of the salad’s […]

Studio B’s MegaGalactic MultiScreen Event

What’s more rewarding than producing videos for the big screen? Try producing a video series for six large screens playing simultaneously at a live event. So we were thrilled when the high profile event production firm Opts Ideas approached us about producing a series of multi-screen videos for their client’s annual conference in Chicago. The client, LPL Financial, is one of […]