Studio B and Grammarly are Back!

Grammarly video

Have you seen our Grammarly video: First Day, Second Guess? With over 110-million views on the original project, we had the opportunity to work with Grammarly again. This time around, we shot 4 different videos featuring an eclectic cast of characters! Yes– we shot 4 different spots, each looking at featuring that one crazy colleague. The […]

FREE’s Broadcast Premiere on KQED

The documentary Free, directed by our founder, David Collier and his fiancée, Suzanne LaFetra, will be screened on KQED’s Truly CA. You can watch it on July 28th, at 8pm! FREE is a feature-length documentary following five teens through a year in an Oakland dance program. Their journey in the Destiny Arts Youth Performance Company […]

Studio B helps Munchery Sell the Magic behind the 15-minute Meal

Last fall, owner of Studio B Films and self-proclaimed tasty food connoisseur, David Collier, tried Munchery for the first time with his teenaged sons. He was so impressed with the company’s fine service and delectable meals that he thought, “We need to make a web commercial for these guys.” Truth be told we are all […]

Adobe & Studio B Make Lemonade with “Life Gives You Lemons”

Adobe was looking to create a 60-second marketing video for Adobe Sign and Adobe Document Cloud. They wanted to collaborate on a clever video that showcased how their products could help any business run more smoothly. Studio B Films pitched Adobe a handful of  imaginative ideas. The Adobe team picked one with a group of […]

Magic Instruments & Studio B Films Harmonize for Crowdfunding Video

Magic Instruments, a music technology start-up recognized by accelerators Y Combinator and Highway1, needed a crowdfunding video that would display the awe, excitement and fun that comes from engaging and learning to play their new instrument, MI Guitar. Rather than strings going up the fretboard, like a traditional guitar, it has buttons so you can play […]

Calysta and Studio B Films Join Forces for Sustainability

Studio B Films joined forces earlier in the year with Calysta, a company that creates innovative industrial products from sustainable sources. Calysta asked Studio B to help educate potential clients to their game-changing product, FeedKind, in an accessible and friendly way. Studio B happily picked up their request and took off. Animation Supervisor, Tim Kwong, streamlined […]

Huffington Post Features “Everybody Pees”

Well, it has only been a week since we last spoke about, “Everybody Pees,” here on the Studio B blog. Already the video has climbed to 381,000 views and still going strong! Our dancing kidneys have gained national attention as the video was featured in a health article for The Huffington Post. The National Kidney […]

Studio B Films and Shutterfly Celebrate Same-Sex Marriage

 Today, the Supreme Court ruled that the constitution guarantees the right to same-sex marriage. In anticipation of this decision, Studio B Films partnered with Shutterfly to create a video celebrating this long-awaited legislation. Our friend and composer, Malcolm Payne, wrote a love song to accompany the video, featuring singer Britney O’Hearn. We invited couples of all […]